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Name: Adam Priest

Location: London

Website: http://dalliance.net/


I created the Commons Hostage in order to release my art stuff. I decided that since I would find it useful, others might too, so wrote it to allow anyone to use it to release their art too.

Check out my projects below. My policy is to do something every month, releasing on the first Wednesday, every month. If donations get high enough for a project part to be freed, in theory it should be released on the first Wednesday of the following month at the latest.

Maybe earlier, depending on how ready it is.

Projects by pre

"Do Dream Sheep Bleat?" - Audio Book - Audio/Spoken-Word - 9 parts.

An Audio Book version of Adam Priest's novella "Do Dream Sheep Bleat?"

A short story about magic and mind, about consciousness, cognizance and conjuring. Also, there's a penguin.

"Incredible, this book has completely changed the way I live my life. It's taught me my aims, my goals, how to achieve my dreams. Now I'm rich!" - John Shamrock

Find the full text or buy the book at:

This project is the audio book, released a chapter at a time according to donations. It could take a month or so to get new chapters recorded after donations are given.

blog - - 0 parts.

The Commons Hostage Blog uses the address http://blog.commonshostage.com/ so your project can't, so this one is in the way on purprose.

Commons Hostage - - 8 parts.

The Commons Hostage Website is itself a Commons Hostage project.

There are many features we'd like to add, much work we'd like to do. But resources are limited. Donate to fund us to do these things!

feltpenguin - Video/Music - 2 tracks.

Adam's imaginary Felt Penguin writes songs based on crappy jokes and makes Adam sing them.

We don't particularly want to do this again, but we will if we get a hundred quid in tips.

Oh, and the penguin says the first one is half price.

Joust Adventure - - 5 parts.

A Javascript/HTML5 game in which soft toys battle.

Monkeys, mounted on flying stuffed birds joust each other with pencils for lances.

The code is GPLed, find the source repo here: https://github.com/revpriest/Joust-Adventure

Minor Apocalypse - Audio/Album - 4 tracks.

A series of songs based on a dream.

Oscar's Ontological Odyssey - Video/Animated - 11 episodes.

Oscar's Ontological Odyssey.

Oscar and his adventures on a quest to find the meaning of existence and to finally figure out once and for all what, exactly, exists.

Part two is in production and will be released about a month after the donation target is reached.

reddit - - 0 parts.

A reddit for commons hostage projects. The URL for this project will point to our custom reddit.

Rev Priest's Subgenius Video Ministries - Video/Live-Action - 4 episodes.

Rev Priest's Video Ministries.

A rant for "Bob", extolling the virtues of the Church Of The Subgenius. Eternal salvation guaranteed or triple your money back.

New rants will be made AFTER funds are raised, it may take up to a month or so. Rants will be released on the first Wednesday of the month.

Santa's Pirate Drinking Game - - 5 parts.

Santa Claus is working in a pub when a whole bunch of pirates come in just as a christmas song comes on the jukebox.

Help Santa keep the pirates drunk enough to be happy until the song finishes.

There are four levels. Level one is free. Level two will be released when the tip-jar reaches five pounds. Level three after another fifteen pounds, the final level a further 30 pounds.

The source-code and artwork are all available through github: https://github.com/revpriest/Jack-s-Xmas-Game

The Jobbins/Jones Hypothesis - Text/Fiction - 11 chapters.

The Jobbins/Jones Hypothesis" is a serialized novel by Adam Priest about consciousness and conspiracy, about mind and manipulation.

An eclectic group of people run from the law, the conspiracy, and into a life-changing adventure.

Each chapter will be written and released as the funding thermometer on the right fills up. Donate now!

The Starship 491 - Her Secret Story - Video/Live-Action - 3 episodes.

On the 2nd of October 2010, a routine space journey of the intergalactic space liner 491 was raided by Pirates, losing all hands, including the beautiful Daughter of Queen Nin.

Or so the queen's official story goes.

New evidence revealed this week suggests that there was more afoot than the authorities revealed, and that the ill fated star-ship may have been the subject of an official cover-up.

Using footage gathered from the black-box recorder of the ship itself, on-board communication logs and recovered amateur video shot by passengers on board, we will tell the REAL story of that ill fated ship, and those who sailed in her.

Upload - Video/Live-Action - 9 episodes.

A series of video conferences between a girl and her dead granddad.

Gradually they learn to understand the worlds they each live in, against an increasingly oppressive political background.

Each episode is released with a free creative commons licence. Copy it and edit it and use it as much as you want.

Each subsequent episode is released when the fundraising thermometer on the right reaches a designated target.

Subscribe to my maillist to learn about updates from "Upload" and my other work: http://blog.commonshostage.com/

WebAce - A chatroom for every website! - - 2 parts.

WebAce is a chat system which launches in front of ANY website.

Add the bookmark to your bookmarks/favorites, then when when viewing any website click the bookmark to make the webAce tab pop up.

You'll then be able to chat with other people doing the same.

Check out the webace page to see: http://webace.dalliance.net

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